Breakthrough in thread technology

Recently, due to our extensive research and development efforts, we finally achieved a technological breakthrough through the realization of the NOVA threads.

NOVA threads are manufactured by fusing together extruded thread filaments to form inseparable ribbons. NOVA threads have outstanding properties for strength,
elongation at break and good modulus.

The inseparability and high tensile properties of NOVA threads are ideally suited for
replacement of calendered rubber tape. The following gives some of the advantages of NOVA thread compared to cut thread.

■ The surface of NOVA thread is smoother than are those of cut thread.

■ The cross-section is more uniform. Nominally, the cut edges of a square-section of cut thread are straight and smooth, but microscopic examination reveals them to be jagged and irregular.

■ The surface of NOVA thread is more uniform in properties than are those of cut
thread. The latter comprise two sheet faces (which are rendered irregular by liner
cloth marking), and two cut edges. It has been claimed that the smoother cut edges are more resistant to deteriorative influences than are the sheet faces.

■ The extrusion of NOVA thread is a continuous process, which makes for consistent uniformity. The production of cut thread is a process which involves several discrete steps, such as mixing, calendering, wrapping, curing, lapping and cutting.

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