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Heveafil Cool Breeze is a website that helps people when it comes to air conditioning concerns.We offer tips and services when it comes to various concerns you might have. 

From aircon installations, aircon troubleshooting and chemical washing, we have it for you. We give tips on the proper ways of installing the aircon to make sure every piece is in it’s proper place. And in case of some problems, we post what has been the frequently asked question and inquiries when it comes to repair and installation. Aside from that, we will show you the importance of cleaning your own unit to prolong the longevity of your air conditioner.

We also post the latest news and trends on the air conditioning topics, such as the latest units released and upcoming innovations

We also review and compare air conditioning units so that you, the readers can select what is the best type of aircon is for you.  Because although they all cool the air around you, we all have our own preferences.

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